Artistic Moods giveaway!

Dear visitor,

A message in English so I can reach the whole world! Because you can now win a set of 16 of my postcards on the international, English written website of Artistic Moods! Isn't that great news?? Only thing you need to do is register for the newsletter and leave a comment on the blogpost. No social media spam is required. :) 

You won't regret if you will register, because the newsletter contains very beautiful and interesting artworks and illustrations from artists around the world! I find a lot of inspiration on this great website, so I'm proud my work is published here.

So for now, visit Artistic Moods and enjoy this competition, than maybe soon aaaallll of this postcards will be yours! And if you don't win, of course these cards are also for sale, and you can try to win another piece of art because there is a weekly give away!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you! And sharing this competition would be sweet.